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Monitoring Services Provider

We manage your network remotely from our private cloud servers, this is what is referred to be managed services. Our privately branded service has a built in ticket system, chat client, remote assistance, hardware and software monitoring, patch scheduling, alerting and automation for our dedicated engineers to better help control and maintain your computer network.

Security as a Service- Firewall Rentals

You need better security, but we realize the firewalls we recommend are not cheap. So we now offer monthly packages that will result in providing your business with a high end Watchguard firewall full of the best subscriptions available for a low monthly fee.  

Managed Backups

We recognize the cost of this can be a burden as well as the management of it. We now offer a complete managed backup service that covers the cost of the devices, the onsite checkups, the software and secure storage of it in case of an emergency. This service is meant to backup everything you have and be swapped out once a week. That way in case of ransomware or a disaster we will have a copy everything from last week ready for you. 

Malwarebytes Protection

Our favorite anti-everything software of all time is Malwarebytes. We now offer their cloud services which allows us to scan, quarantine and protect your network from the cloud instead of bogging down your network with the management software running on your network. The newest version of this software gives you a 3 day roll back on every device it's installed on meaning you can roll back the data on the device to up to 3 days in the past, in the event you are hit with a form of ransomware or malware that no one has seen yet. 

Support Packages

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 We provide dedicated 24 x 7 IT support for a variety of environments including Windows and Apple. In perspective we can replace an IT person or employee for a fraction of the cost annually and are able to provide 5 times better support. We as your IT department are never sick, we are never on vacation and we never go home, we will always have someone there for you when you need it. 


 We provide a fast and easy support system to our clients such as a live call system, live chat, responsive email, text support, direct numbers and we absolutely never outsource our IT services to anyone. 

We offer amazing discounts for clients that want to purchase large blocks of time or have monthly packages as shown below that also offer great discounts. If you do not see a package that fits your needs please call us so we can carve out one that does work for you. 

Our rate without discounts is $125/Hour

MSP Pricing
Security Package Pricing
Managed Backup Pricing
Support Pricing
Malwarebytes Protection
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