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About Us

Colorado Cloud was founded in 2012 by engineers that are native to Colorado and believe in providing honest services to organizations, community leaders and businesses by providing not only IT engineering but also human engineering. We sincerely care about our clients and take outstanding measures to ensure our relationship is trusted and secure. 


We are a hybrid cloud company in a hybrid cloud world and offer support for all variations of hybrid networks. Through the years of change from local networks migrating their data to so many cloud solutions out there, we have been pioneers in providing flexible levels of service and products to ensure the data is secure and controlled properly in those cloud locations.

We deliver managed services in flexible monthly plans with a variety of options in service rates proven to show value. 

Core Values

People Matter

We believe in all people, yours and ours. People are the most value assets we have as humans. We use our people to make your people matter. 

Trust Matters

We strive to make you feel confident that you can rely on the integrity, ability and surety, of us.

Happy Customers Matter

We ensure our customers are treated fairly, respected and find our services to be exactly what they expected. 


We have strong beliefs in protecting against the expanding cyber threat in the world by utilizing our super powers with yours and helping our clients prevail. Just because it moved to the cloud does not mean its more secure, in fact its less secure unless you have a team like us helping you secure it. 


We ensure that technology demands in your business are met and they you are not threatened by the evils of the world. We are honest, kind and intelligent individuals turning dreams into goals. 

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