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Business Referral Raffle

If you know of a business that may need our IT services, SEO, Website Development, Cloud Hosting, or Cyber Security, then refer them to us and we will enter you into

our raffle below. If you don't, then register anyways for your chance to win!

On June 20th, 2023, we will draw a name from the

bucket and give away a $100 Gift Certificate good for

a Pizza and Bowling Party for 4 at Pindustry.


No Purchase Necessary

See below for registration and conditions. 


Watermarked converted scale.PNG

Thanks for submitting! Goodluck!

We value your privacy and that want to assure you any personal information you provide for this raffle will be solely used for raffle-related purposes. We will not share, sell, or use your personal data for any other reason, such as marketing or promotional activities. Rest assured that your information will be handled securely and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy practices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for participating in the raffle!

The following conditions apply to all gift certificates provided by Colorado Cloud Company. By registering for this giveaway, we will enter you into a drawing in which you agree to the rules displayed here. You will be contacted by email to claim your gift certificate within the week of the drawing. If the winner does not claim their gift within 10 days of our first correspondence, we will draw a new winner and the same conditions apply. The certificate received is not the actual certificate, the winner will need to obtain the actual certificate from Colorado Cloud Company and holds no value other than the prepaid pizza party. The certificate that will be received is of no monetary value and does not exceed it's face amount. The certificate cannot be returned or exchanged for a dollar amount. 

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