We provide a full service recycling service. We will provide a box to your office that you can use to bring in equipment from home and toss in. 

We will provide Certificate of Description paperwork upon the actually recycling of the equipment. 

  • Desktops, Laptops, All in ones, Servers

  • CRT Monitors, LCD, LED Monitors and TV's

  • Keyboards, Mice, Input Devices

  • Harddrives, CDRoms, Misc. Media

  • Copiers, Printers, Scanners

  • Switches, Firewalls, Access Points

  • Electrical or Network Cabling, Wiring, Fiber

  • Motherboards, PCI Boards

  • Power supplies, power adapters

  • Batteries, UPS Devices

  • Phone and Voice Equipment of any kind

  • Cabinets, Racks, Metal Anything

  • Audio Video Related Devices

  • VCR, Cassette, DVR, Cameras, 


Please email support or call 720-223-5556 ext 700, so we can discuss the costs associated. We charge our standard hourly rate + $1.00 per lb of CRT displays and $.50 per pound of misc electronics.