BACKUPS: Cloud and Managed

We offer 2 types of offsite backup protection plans

1. Automated Cloud Replications


A Host to Host replication that occurs over a secure point-to-point tunnel between your site and our SAS type II rated datacenters. You must have a very fast internet connection and very fast servers for this to complete in a timely fashion, but it runs flawlessly and can be an amazing recovery option in the event of a failure on your network, loss of hardware or a disaster at your place of business. 

Most likely it won't be an asteroid that destroys the earth and your data, but in the event the earth still stands we will boot your dedicated replication server and bring all of your virtual servers back online either in the cloud or in person. This is a high end option for high end businesses that cannot afford to go away after a catastrophic event. 

We can replicate your servers in 6 parts of the world for ultimate protection from worlds greatest events. 

Call today to schedule a consultation for this service and for estimated pricing for your business. 

2. Managed Backup Plans (Highly Recommended)

We offer a fully managed backup service that includes weekly onsite checkups,backup devices and software to help you recover from more likely scenarios such as hardware failures or ransomware attacks. 

In all honesty, It's not a matter of if it will happen, its a matter of when and if you will be prepared or not. 

We have a variety of affordable plans to ensure your business is safer than it is now. See Pricing below for an idea of costs. 

Managed Backup Pricing



Offsite Replications

 This month we are adjusting offsite replication management on our DTC cloud location




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